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            Sound scape Guitarist                            Composer

Japanese guitarist and composer, Yuichiro Maeda was raised in a family both respecting of the ancestral traditions and very open to the world, two notions which will guide his personal and professional life. Fed on english music from the youngest age, as a teenager he studied at the LIPA (music school funded by Paul Mc Cartney) before traveling Europe to some new musical horizons for a decade with his band Yanéka.
He laid down his hat in London, Stockholm and Paris, three striking capitals of his musical itinerary.

For several years he is developing his talents as a composer, sound engineer and solo performer with Moojigen (japanese for «no dimension») working on a limitless sound with very various inspirations, atmospheric, post-rock, electro, modern or retro at the same time. With his guitar and a bed of pedals, he creates on the stage a fabric of sound experimentations based on multiplying loops and a guitar which does’t sound like one anymore, changing to voice, string or percussions sounds. Always pushing the boundaries of the solo guitarist, he carries the audience to a otting world, attempting to let people physically feel his music so that evryone could escape to a very personal and parallel world.

May they be in animation, cinema or fashion, his collaborations or both varied and enriching, with established designers like Issey Miyakey or trend makers like Art Comes First.


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